JPI MYBL: Announcement of First Call: Extended Working Life and its Interaction with Health, Wellbeing and beyond

JPI MYBL has launched its first joint transnational call for proposals. This call will enable a better coordination of national, European and Canadian R&D programmes and activities relevant to Demographic Change (ageing societies) in order to address the most urgent and demanding challenges defined in the Strategic Research Agenda, developed under the EC Funded Coordinated Action J-AGE.

The objective of this call is to support innovative and interdisciplinary research into the drivers to, and constraints on, extending working life. Research is expected to cross the traditional boundaries of Government departments and occupational sectors and to examine the implications of extending working life for older workers (50+), new labour markets, health, wellbeing and intergenerational equity. The Netherlands is one of 11 funding countries.

The call invites proposals for funding research into one or more of four broad topics:

    Modern work factors
    Longer working life & Inequality
    Health challenges
    Caring responsibilities

The call is launched on April 1st 2015 with a submission deadline of June 2nd 2015 (12:00 CET). Expected project start: early 2016.

Further detail will be provided on April 1st 2015. Read more on the JPI MYBL website.

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