Initiatives for joint programming

There are a large number of public-to-public (P2P) initiatives operating in the European research Area. Many focus on aligning reserach programmes and -to some extent- also research policies. The vast majority of these initiative sis funded through Framework Programme instruments: the ERA-NETS, JPIs, EJPs and the Article 185 Initiatives.

Two structures that operate different from the above-mentioned initiatives are the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) and the International Bioeconomy Forum (IBF). 


Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR)
Since its re-launch in 2004, the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) has provided the European Commission, Member States and Associated Countries with independent policy advice on better cooperation and alignment of research activities in agriculture and the wider bioeconomy in Europe. SCAR has been a major catalyst for the coordination of national research programmes, where it has helped shape the beginnings of an integrated European Research Area. 

More information on SCAR can be found here.


International Bioeconomy Forum (IBF)

The International Bioeconomy Forum (IBF) was officially launched in 2017 in Brussels as an important objective of the European Bioeconomy strategy. The IBF is tasked with ensuring that the importance of the bioeconomy is raised at international level and that international R&I cooperation is better structured to contribute to bioeconomy policy targets. Its members are the European Commission, Canada, US, Argentina, South Africa, India, China and New Zealand. The European Member States are represented in the plenary meetings through a delegate of SCAR. Australia, South Korea, the FAO and the BIOEAST initiative joined the first plenary as observers. At present, two working groups, reporting directly to the plenary, have been officially constituted: one on the Microbiome and one on ICT in Food Systems. 

For more information on the IBF, please contact: Christine Bunthof.