New calls in H2020 2016-2017 for cultural heritage projects

Horizon 2020 Work Program 2016-2017 will allocate 73 millions to calls on the Societal Challenges pillar:48 million to 9 calls within SC6 “Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective societies” and 25 million to 2 calls within SC5 – “Climate action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials”.

This funding provision comes from the recommendations of the Horizon 2020 Expert Group on cultural heritage that stresses the need of enhancing the role of cultural heritage as a driver for economic sustainable development. The Report outlines three key objectives for Europe: to implement an innovative approach to finance, investments, governance, management and business models applied to cultural heritage; to see in heritage a channel to cultural inclusion and social cohesion; to promote a conscious and sustainable use of cultural landscapes, coasts and environment in general.

The forthcoming new calls are a great opportunity for the world of researchers and stakeholders in the field of cultural heritage to implement innovative and crosscutting actions focusing on urban re-qualification, historical memory, European identities, inclusive governance, environmental recover, financing issues, as some of the topics concerned. The new calls expected in the next months will be:

◾Societal Challenge5-21-2016-2017 on urban and rural regeneration
◾Societal Challenge5-22-2017 on funding, business and governance models for cultural heritage re-use

◾Societal Challenge6cult-coop-02-2017 on cultural cooperation among European peoples
◾Societal Challenge6cult-coop-03-2017 on cultural alphabetization of new generations
◾Societal Challenge6cult-coop-04-2017 on creative cultural heritage
◾Societal Challenge6cult-coop-05-2017 on religious differences
◾Societal Challenge6cult-coop-06-2017 on bottom up approaches to cultural heritage in support of institutions
◾Societal Challenge6cult-coop-07-2017 on sustainable conservation of coasts
◾Societal Challenge6cult-coop-08-2017 on digital cultural heritage
◾Societal Challenge6cult-coop-09-2017 on the analysis on the European past
◾Societal Challenge6cult-coop-10-2017 on integration and public spaces in Europe


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