FACCE-JPI - Knowledge hub MACSUR in the spotlight

What can joint programming bring you?

The MACSUR project is a joint project with a difference. It is a knowledge hub; a new innovative tailor-made instrument developed by FACCE-JPI. In this project the (restricted) budgets from the 71 organizations, each through their own national funding agencies, together with new money in the frame from JPI-FACCE are combined. This gives the (financial) opportunity to the broad scope of the project, corporation, networking and knowledge development.

Do you want to know about the opportunities Joint Programming can bring you, in the Netherlands or within Wageningen UR, including implementation and activities, take a look at this website or please contact Christine Bunthof.

Are you curious of the outcomes of MACSUR? Or want to know more? One of the three themes; Economic and Trade Modelling (TradeM), will share and discuss their results at the upcoming TradeM International Workshop in Norway on 25-27 November 2014 on Economics of integrated assessment approaches for agriculture and the food sector. And they publish frequently on their findings, like the contribution they made recently to the German Journal on Agricultural Economics (GJAE).

More on MACSUR in this article (pdf pdficon_small.png) or check out the MACSUR website

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