PLATFORM DB: Bioeconomy P2P networks information source


PLATFORM DB is an online repository with data from public-public partnerships in the area of food, agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture, forestry, climate, biodiversity and biotechnologies. The built-in analysis and visualisation tools give insights on network, organisation, and country levels. By selecting within lists, description of calls and projects can be retrieved.

PLATFORM DB aims to serve bioeconomy policy makers, funders, programme managers, science community and other stakeholders, by providing accurate and actual information on networks, calls and projects. Good-quality data is a pre-requisite for analysing the bioeconomy funding landscape, impact assessment, monitoring, and illustrating trends. The comprehensiveness and near-completeness of PLATFORM DB are made possible through close collaboration with the networks.


The first steps towards this data repository were made under PLATFORM FP7 through the book 'Bioeconomy ERA-NET Actions - European Research Area Networks of the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes' published in 2014. The beta-version of the online database was released in September 2016. Sources of information are: the websites of the individual ERA-NETs, JPIs and Art. 185 initiatives, CORDIS website, ERA-LEARN website, and SCAR. The networks are involved to check and complete the information compiled by PLATFORM Office.


Data gathered for PLATFORM DB is shared with the ERA-LEARN 2020 project which supports the European Commission to monitor networks and joint calls on an ongoing basis and to provide input to their own internal analysis. Through this collaboration and through the pre-filling of the database, the networks are burdened less. The collaboration also proved a good basis for piloting a project-level impact assessment with a small set of ERA-NET actions from the bioeconomy area.

PLATFORM DB is built by the PLATFORM H2020 project in cooperation with the Wageningen University & Research (WUR) Library. PLATFORM DB uses the infrastructure of WUR Library.

The database showcases major achievements of the networks. You are invited to browse through the data, explore the functionalities to retrieve graphical overviews, and read about calls and projects. Visit  PLATFORM DB.