GeoERA Projects Kick-Off

The kick-off of the 15 transnational projects that have been selected for funding from the GeoERA joint call will take place in Brussels from 3 to 5 July 2018.

GeoERA is established and run by a group of 33 national and 15 regional geological survey organisations from 33 European countries. Its main objective is to contribute to the optimal use and management of the subsurface. GeoERA is specifically designed to cover the following themes within the applied geosciences: geo-energy, groundwater, raw materials, and an information platform, matching Europe’s need for pan-European geological knowledge and information.

GeoERA started in January 2017 and its call for project ideas opened in April 2017. The second stage of the call process consisted of a call for project proposals, which closed in January 2018. The 15 selected projects will integrate the information and knowledge of national and regional Geological Survey Organisations on subsurface energy, water and raw material resources, to support sustainable use of the subsurface. The projects are funded by the EC (10M EUR) and the national research programmes of the Geological Surveys themselves (20M EUR). The projects will run for the coming 3 years.

The following projects have been selected for funding:


  • 3DGEO-EU, 3D geomodeling for Europe (incl. TNO from the Netherlands)
  • GARAH, Geological Analysis and Resource Assessment of selected Hydrocarbon systems (incl. TNO from The Netherlands)
  • GeoConnect³d, Cross-border, cross-thematic multiscale framework for combining geological models and data for resource appraisal and policy support (incl. TNO from the Netherlands)
  • HIKE, Hazard and Impact Knowledge for Europe (incl. project coordinator TNO from the Netherlands)
  • HotLime, Mapping and Assessment of Geothermal Plays in Deep Carbonate Rocks – Cross-domain Implications and Impacts (incl. TNO from the Netherlands)
  • MUSE, Managing Urban Shallow geothermal Energy (incl. TNO from the Netherlands)
  • HOVER, Hydrological processes and Geological settings over Europe controlling dissolved geogenic and anthropogenic elements in groundwater of relevance to human health and the status of dependent ecosystems (incl. TNO and Deltares from the Netherlands)
  • RESOURces, Resources of groundwater harmonized at cross-border and pan-European scale (incl. TNO (project coordinator) and Deltares from the Netherlands)
  • TACTIC, Tools for Assessment of Climate change Impact on groundwater and adaptation Strategies (incl. TNO and Deltares from the Netherlands)
  • VoGERA, Vulnerability of Shallow Groundwater Resources to Deep Sub-surface Energy-Related Activities (incl. TNO from the Netherlands)
Raw Materials:
  • EuroLithos: European Ornamental stone resources
  • FRAME, Cross-border, cross-thematic multiscale framework for combining geological models and data for resource appraisal and policy support
  • MINDeSEA, Seabed Mineral Deposits in European Seas. Metallogeny and Geological Potential for Strategic and Critical Raw Materials.
  • Mintell4EU, Mineral Intelligence for Europe
Information Platform:
  • GIP-P, GeoERA Information Platform (incl. TNO from the Netherlands)

 The abstracts of the projects can be found on the GeoERA website

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