PRIMA-FAO workshop "Current and Future Scenarios in the Water and Agro-Food Sector: The Mediterranean Perspective"

PRIMA (the Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area) and the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) are organising the workshop "Current and Future Scenarios in the Water and Agro-Food Sector: The Mediterranean Perspective".

The workshop will be held at FAO Headquarters in Rome on 20 November 2018. It will reflect on the challenges of the agro-food sector in the Mediterranean area and will aim to collect specific recommendations on the upcoming strategic priorities, identifying the key topics to be included in the PRIMA 2020 and 2021 calls.

The objective of the workshop is to start a stable and long-term collaboration with FAO on the agro-food challenges, with the aim of fostering sustainable methods and solutions to create new job opportunities and ensure general wellbeing, in accordance with the PRIMA mission. The event will also act as a linkage between other European initiatives working on the same topics, so to demonstrate a strong willingness to jointly cooperate in order to provide concrete and systematic solutions in the agricultural, food and water use sectors. "PRIMA has a major role as long term initiative for the Mediterranean Region, both in terms of science diplomacy and social economic development for the Mediterranean societies" underscores Mohamed El-Shinawi, co-chair of the PRIMA Foundation.

The workshop will take place just before the individuation of the projects benefiting from the PRIMA calls of early 2018 for financing research and innovation partnerships between institutions and companies of Mediterranean southern and northern coasts. The implementation of PRIMA will continue with the launch of the 2019 calls, expected by the end of the year.

For more information and the workshop agenda, please visit the PRIMA website

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