FACCE-JPI TAP Soil promotes international cooperation and coordination of national soil research projects

At the EU level there is a strong need to develop synergies on research about carbon sequestration in soils used for agriculture in different pedo-climatic conditions. FACCE-JPI has proposed a Thematic Annual Programming network (TAP) on soil in its previous Implementation Plan (2014-2015). The formation of this network started in 2015. At the COP 21 that year, the 4 per 1000 initiative was launched: several countries adopted a declaration to promote carbon sequestration in soils to mitigate climate change impact and increase food security. This is linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of UN for food security Challenge. The focus of the TAP Soil - organic matter sequestration in soils - aligns with the 4 per 1000 initiative.

The TAP is a “light alignment” tool aimed to foster the alignment of National research programs. More specifically, TAP SOIL calls for international cooperation and coordination of research projects on the mechanisms and the assessment of the mitigation and adaptation potential related to organic matter storage in soils across regions, ecosystems and farming systems, taking regional variations into account. It aims at answering the questions:
- How organic matter can be sequestered in the soil in a long term perspective?
- What will be the nutrients budget and carbon sequestration under future climate change regimes?

FACCE-JPI is inviting national research agencies to publish this topic in their national calls. National funders will select projects in function of their national criteria and the national funded projects will be requested to join an international cluster organized by FACCE JPI. The call text on organic matter sequestration in soils will be published in the national calls of the next countries: Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway and United Kingdom. In addition, projects from Germany and Italy will also join the cluster.

 For more information: see FACCE JPI website

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