JPI Oceans workshop: Munition in the Sea – Pipelines and Cables – Challenges and good practice

The workshop will take place in Oslo from 6 to 8 June to bring together researchers, regulators/authorities, industry, and field operators to discuss new technology and knowledge gaps, and to discuss best practice.

Ammunition dumped at sea during or after wars constitutes an environmental and safety issue in many European countries. JPI Oceans has therefore initiated a joint action on “munition in the sea” to facilitate research coordination and exchange of knowledge across European countries. The aim of the workshop organised by the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) is to exchange information and establish best practice recommendations on responsibility, technology, risk assessment, and procedures regarding munitions in the sea. The workshop will also inform a second planned workshop in Italy later in 2018 focusing on scientific gaps and possible solutions.
The workshop is supported by the CSA Oceans 2 project.

More information can be found on the JPI Oceans website

Picture credit: Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

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