Second call launched by Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership

Published on
February 13, 2024

The Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership launched its second call for proposals on 2nd of February 2024. The call is titled:

“Unified paths to a climate-neutral, sustainable, and resilient blue economy: engaging civil society, academia, policy, and industry”

Four priority areas have been selected by participating funding organizations:

  1. Digital Twins of the Ocean at regional sub basin scale
  2. Blue economy sectors, development of marine multi-use infrastructures
  3. Planning and managing sea-uses at the regional level
  4. Blue Bioresources

The vision of the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership is to design, steer and support a just and inclusive transition to a regenerative, resilient, and sustainable blue economy. The EU Partnership aims to boost the transformation needed towards a climate-neutral, sustainable, productive, and competitive blue economy by 2030 while creating and supporting the conditions for a sustainable ocean for the people by 2050.

The second call with a budget of € 40 000 000 pools national and regional financial resources through the participation of 38 funding organisations from 26 countries combined and through the contribution from the European Union.

More information can be found on the website of the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership.