Partnership Agroecology pre-announced upcoming call

Published on
January 17, 2024

The Partnership Agroecology “European partnership on accelerating farming systems transition – agroecology living labs and research infrastructures” pre- announced their first call for proposals.

The objective of this call is to fund transdisciplinary research and innovation projects addressing the agroecology transition of both conventional and organic farming systems. Projects are expected to study and implement agroecology at two geographic scales:

Theme 1 – at the farm level and its immediate surroundings

Theme 2 – at the landscape or territorial level

Proposals should demonstrate a multidisciplinary and integrated approach with a multi-actor perspective. They should consider the problems and challenges from a European perspective and beyond.

Projects may be based on existing living labs or bring together different actors following the living lab approach. Research Infrastructures could be incorporated to complement the living lab approach. R&I questions should address actual needs of stakeholders, in co-creation processes together with end-users and integrate their practical knowledge.

The preliminary timeline of the call includes the launch in February 2024, the deadline for pre-proposals in April 2024 and the deadline for full proposals in September 2024.

The call announcement will be published on:

Download the full pre-announcement here.